R data package to explore Pixar films, the people, and reception data

This package contains six data sets provided mostly in part by Wikipedia.

  • pixar_films - released and upcoming films
  • pixar_people - main people involved in creating films
  • genres - movie genres for each film
  • box_office - box office reception and budget information
  • public_response - critical and public response
  • academy - academy awards and nominations

Feel free to explore the data immediately in your web browser using datasette and SQL.


Install pixarfilms from CRAN:


Or you can install the development version of pixarfilms from GitHub with:



#> # A tibble: 27 x 5
#>    number film            release_date run_time film_rating
#>    <chr>  <chr>           <date>          <dbl> <chr>      
#>  1 1      Toy Story       1995-11-22         81 G          
#>  2 2      A Bug's Life    1998-11-25         95 G          
#>  3 3      Toy Story 2     1999-11-24         92 G          
#>  4 4      Monsters, Inc.  2001-11-02         92 G          
#>  5 5      Finding Nemo    2003-05-30        100 G          
#>  6 6      The Incredibles 2004-11-05        115 PG         
#>  7 7      Cars            2006-06-09        117 G          
#>  8 8      Ratatouille     2007-06-29        111 G          
#>  9 9      WALL-E          2008-06-27         98 G          
#> 10 10     Up              2009-05-29         96 PG         
#> # ... with 17 more rows


You can find information about the data sets and more here. The official CRAN release page can be found here. And last, a list of vignettes showcasing some analyses you can do with this package can be found here.


This data here within is not constrained to exploring just within R.

Here are other accessible means of using this data.

  • Through your browser using datasette and a SQLite database (located at /data-raw/pixarfilms.db).
  • Through CSV files found within the data-raw/ directory.

Here are direct links to each data set.


There’s also a datapackage.json file (located at /data-raw/datapackage.json) to be a computer-readable data dictionary describing the contents of each data file as described in the data package specifications.


If you have any feedback or suggestions on other data that can be added, please file an issue here.

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