A data set with the awards and nominations of the Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, each Pixar film has won.



A data frame with 72 rows and 3 variables:


name of film


name of award


status of award


This data set is put into a tidy format, where each row is a film-award data point.

Some films did not qualify for categories so there is no data for that film.


#> # A tibble: 80 × 3
#>    film         award_type          status                  
#>    <chr>        <chr>               <chr>                   
#>  1 Toy Story    Animated Feature    Award not yet introduced
#>  2 Toy Story    Original Screenplay Nominated               
#>  3 Toy Story    Adapted Screenplay  Ineligible              
#>  4 Toy Story    Original Score      Nominated               
#>  5 Toy Story    Original Song       Nominated               
#>  6 Toy Story    Other               Won Special Achievement 
#>  7 A Bug's Life Animated Feature    Award not yet introduced
#>  8 A Bug's Life Adapted Screenplay  Ineligible              
#>  9 A Bug's Life Original Score      Nominated               
#> 10 Toy Story 2  Animated Feature    Award not yet introduced
#> # … with 70 more rows