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Introduction to GNU Parallel

GNU parallel is a shell tool that allows you to execute jobs in parallel on one or more computers.

Say we are working on a single computer with four CPU cores and want to run thirty-two jobs. Allotting jobs, you may divide the jobs evenly prior to running the job.

Alt Dividing jobs by number of cores

With GNU parallel, it will in real-time split up the jobs to the cores that finish with smaller jobs.

Alt Automatic spawn of new jobs as old ones finish

This provides an easy way to test/run multiple parameters on a single script instead of using a for loop.

Here’s a link to learn more and download the software for a wide variety of Linux distros and Mac OS.

Images shown above were taken from a Biostars forum post by its developer Ole Tange.

I’ll be writing a short tutorial on how to install and use GNU parallel in a future post.