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Here are some projects I’ve been working on or worked on in the past.


Data visualizations

  • disneyplus-twitter-analysis - Twitter analysis of Disney+’s announcement for the TV series and movies they will stream
  • NLMITC19 - Twitter analysis of the #NLMITC19 hashtag on Twitter for the Informatics Training Conference

R packages

  • pixarfilms - data package featuring information about Pixar films such as who was involved and how well they did at the box office
  • unnestIfElse - my RStudio addin to quickly and roughly convert nested base::ifelse() statements to dplyr::case_when()
  • hp - use the pipe %>% to pipe a function into the help() function


  • dotfiles - my dotfiles to setup my development environments
  • format-sakai-upload - Python script to help automate bulk upload of graded Jupyter notebook assignments

Curating content

Data wrangling and cleaning

Presentations and teaching materials

  • TODO

Miscellaneous projects

Open source projects I contribute to

  • how-to-contribute-to-open-source - I actively maintain this list of resources to help new coders to get involved in open source project contributions
  • freeCodeCamp - an open-source curriculum and community to teach web development; I’ve helped edit lessons to be more clear and I’ve written and help contribute to the regular expressions lessons
  • r-bootcamp - a self-directed tutorial for learning R-programming basics

See all contributions here.