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Here are some links and miscellaneous things I’ve found helpful.

Blogs I like

  • Scott H Young: found out about him through his MIT learning challenge and fascinating to learn how he learns
  • Microbiome Digest: daily digest of new and interesting microbiome research
  • Matt Might’s Blog: professor who blogs about academia, productivity hacks, and programming
  • Austin Kleon: writer who draws and gives advice on how to sustainably to create
  • Small Things Considered: blog Moselio (Elio) Schaechter & Roberto Kolter about microbial life
  • The Thesis Whisperer: written by Professor Inger Mewburn on doing a PhD and completing a dissertation
  • The Morning Paper - Regular summaries of breaking computer science research by Adrian Colyer.
  • Alex Vermeer - Blog with great resources on self-improvement and life hacking projects for getting things done.
  • Wait But Why - Fascinating posts on a variety of topics