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🌍 Current Location

New York City, New York, USA

📚 Reading

🎼 Skills work

  • Practicing Mandarin Chinese on Duolingo and Du Chinese
  • Playing Go/Baduk on OGS and in-person
  • Figure skating, specifically making my axel more consistent

✍️ Writing

  • Writing and editing articles on Wikipedia
  • Getting back to writing math articles for freeCodeCamp, specifically on undergraduate statistics and Bayesian statistics
  • Personal blog posts for reflecting on the past year and other learnings

💵 Consulting and freelance

  • I’ve recently accepted to be a (very) part-time Data Science Mentor at Posit teaching data skills using R and Python
  • I’ve set up a GitHub Sponsors page
  • I’m a freelance consultant on UpWork (on-and-off)

Last updated: 2024-03-29