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Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m a data scientist, who dabbles in web development and software engineering.

What hardware do you use?

I have a number of computing devices I use for different uses.

Personally, I use a Keychron K4 wireless mechanical keyboard. It was my first foray into mechanical keyboards.

As a hobby, I am learning stenography using The Uni keyboard.

And what software?

For coding, I use a number of tools depending on the context and language. For R, I use RStudio. For Python, I’ll use PyCharm. For everything else, I’ll use either Emacs or Vim. If I’m accessing a server, I will depend on a combination of Vim and tmux.

For everyday internet browsing, I use Firefox.

Software I’m hoping to play around with are Inkscape and Blender.


I put all my todo lists in a plain-text file using Emacs and Org-Mode. Org-mode is like Markdown, but Emacs-specific and still wonderfully flexible. To access some relevant files on my phone, I used Orgzly.


For writing, I primarily use Emacs and org-mode.

Reading and Audiobooks

I use a combination of a physical Kindle and the LibbyApp. The Kindle is to read textbooks or books that require some time to think in between pages. The LibbyApp is helpful for audiobooks and magazines.

What would be your dream setup?


Stationary, notebooks, and pens

My pens: